CSR: Clinical Sociology Review vol. 17

The first volume of the Clinical Sociology Review (CSR) was published in 1982 and Volume 16 was published in 1998. The original sponsor, the Clinical Sociology Association, decided to expand the scope of the organization and the CSR became part of a journal with a different name. Many colleagues thought it was time to reinvent […]

CSR: Clinical Sociology Review – Revue de sociologie clinique – Revista de Sociologia Clinica

About the Journal « Clinical sociology is a creative, interdisciplinary, humanistic and rights-based field that focuses on analysis and intervention to understand social phenomena by taking into account the articulation of social and psychological dimensions, and to contribute to better individual and collective living on our planet.  The journal welcomes accessible and engaging contributions from a […]

Dictionnaire de sociologie clinique

Sous la direction de Agnès Vandevelde-Rougale et Pascal Fugier avec la collaboration de Vincent de Gaulejac aux éditions ÉRÈS, collection « sociologie clinique », septembre 2019 EAN : 9782749257648 – ISBN : 978-2-7492-5764-8 Lien éditeur: https://www.editions-eres.com/ouvrage/4447/dictionnaire-de-sociologie-clinique Cet ouvrage de référence rassemble les méthodes et problématiques centrales ainsi que les objets et champs de recherche investis par la […]