Dictionnaire de sociologie clinique (Dictionary of Clinical Sociology)

Editors: Agnès Vandevelde-Rougale et Pascal Fugier

with the participation of Vincent de Gaulejac

published by Éditions ÉRÈS, September 2019

EAN : 9782749257648 – ISBN : 978-2-7492-5764-8

This reference book presents methodologies and central questions, as well as objects and research fields investigated by clinical sociology. This approach has a specific way of considering and analysing social and psychological phenomena, in a perspective that is both theoretical and political: stemming from a comprehensive tradition, it associates understanding social processes and understanding of the individual subject (taking into account intrapsychic processes); going beyond criticism, it asserts the need for a clinical approach of society and for supporting subjectification processes.

This dictionary beneficiates from the involvement of founding members of clinical sociology, PhD graduates and candidates, as well as practitioners, who all contribute to its influence. It also beneficiates from contributions from representatives of other clinical approaches in social sciences, older than or contemporary to clinical sociology

The 245 entries are organized in alphabetical order. Several types of entries can be found: by concept/issue, object/field, method/device to co-construct knowledge and analyse data, theories/approaches with which clinical sociologists converse. One of the main aims of the book, which explains entries based on research objects, is to introduce conceptual and methodological tools based on fieldwork for research and/or intervention.


This book primarily targets students, young researchers, but also advisers and workers (including for instance social workers), many being sensitive to such empirical “grips”, associating inductive reasoning and through which one can see the toolbox of the clinical sociologist.

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