The Dictionary of Clinical Sociology to be translated into Spanish!

The Dictionnaire de Sociologie Clinique is one year old already ! To celebrate, we are pleased to share the news of its future Spanish translation and publication.


The book ( will be translated by Marcela De Grande, translator specialized in clinical sociology, and it will be published by Sapere Aude, in the collection « sociologia clinica » founded and co-directed by Fernando De Yzaguirre (


The Spanish translation is supported by the International Network of Clinical Sociology (RISC), the LCSP (Paris-Diderot University), the EMA Laboratory (Cergy-Pontoise University), the team “Savoir, rapport au savoir et processus de transmission” (CREF, University of Paris Nanterre), the team “Clinica, Afectos y Agencia”(Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile), and the Center for research and intervention ORCHIS.



A crowdfunding campaign has been launched with the RISC’s support in order to gather the remaining funds needed for the translation.


To take part in the campaign:

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